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What should i wear?

This is a casual town and program retreat. No formal dress is required. Necessities to pack include typical beachwear, bathing suits, and sunscreen.

For Pickelball you will need court or running shoes, socks, and a ball cap.

The resort has an outdoor hot tub so bring an extra bathing suit if you want.

What should i bring?

The kids at the orphanage appreciate donations including clothes, craft items, toiletries, etc. however, this is not a requirement.

is there any Pre-work? 

Yes, a little but don’t freak out! We assure you it’s time well spent, and is done in the spirit of networking! You will be asked to prepare a 10 – 15 introduction of yourself and describe a cause that's important to you so together we can help us help you.

do I arrange my own hotel?

Not necessary. We have arranged for group rates and rooms.

Check out the beautiful hotel where our course training and practicum lessons will be hosted vanwormerresorts.com/hotel/1/palmas-de-cortez

Do I have to stay 7 nights at the hotel?

It sure would make sense, rather than having to travel to the retreat location everyday. If you would like to book somewhere else go for it.

Are meals included in the price of the retreat?

Yes! Meals are included for the Retreat dates.

do I arrange my own transportation?

No we have arranged for group rates and transportation services to the Hotel from the airport with a very reliable company in Mexico. It is included in your registration fee.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, typical travel and medical insurance for any trip you would arrange is required.

Please ensure you have health insurance. The cost of hospitalization or evacuation is not included.

Note that the fees for passports, immunizations and visas are not included.

Why does my flight have to arrive by 2pm local time?

We must drive to Los Barriles in daylight hours. Local animals walk the roads at dusk and night time so it’s safer for us and them if the drive takes place before it gets dark.

Why do I have to depart no later than 4pm local time?

We must drive to Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) in daylight hours. Just like on arrival, the animals continue to roam the roads at dusk and night time and safer for all if driving takes place before it gets dark.

Do I make my own travel arrangements?

No. For this retreat it's mandatory to coordinate travel arrangements for flight, airport transfers and hotel through our agency contact Maryanne Islip. Email: maryanne.islip@travelplus.ca 

We have arranged group rates and Maryanne is our central coordinator.

Is there wifi there? Do I need extra data package?

Yes. At the airport, hotel, and certain spots throughout Los Barriles there is wifi.

There is no wifi at the actual orphanage.

Extra data coverage is a personal preference and at your discretion.

How do I stay current with details of the trip, course, etc.?

Check your email regularly. This is how we will communicate any updates or changes.

Make sure you add us to your contacts so our information doesn’t go to your junk mail folder.

You may also contact our Chief Experience Officer, Deb Lawson via email at deb@leaders2inspire.com

Will I get a tax deductible receipt for the donation to the orphanage?

Yes (US citizens only). Research is underway on how we can accommodate this request for non-US citizens. Your participation at the orphanage is deeply appreciated, and assure you a very worthwhile experience and investment. We will, however, authorize your volunteer hours, if requested.

Is there any assistance in funding this trip?

Some of our attendees have been able to have their organizations cover all or a portion of the cost.  It’s worth exploring whether your organization has budget (discretionary or otherwise) for leadership development, HR, wellness, or training.  A sample letter is available for consideration to your Manager.  Email deb@leaders2inspire.com for more information.

What kind of money will I need?

Please bring Mexican Pesos with you. Ordering it from your bank ahead of time and bringing it with you is ideal! Credit cards are not taken everywhere – so cash is king.

Note that tipping is typically 18% minimum.

What if I have to cancel or transfer my spot to another participant?

Your Retreat Registration fee is refundable* under the following terms:

a) 100% refund with cancellation 45 days notice in advance (by February 10, 2020)

b) 50% refund with less than 45 days notice in advance (February 11, 2020 and after)

NOTE:  If we can fill your spot with someone from our wait-list, we will gladly refund you 100%.

*All cancellations are subject to a $25USD Administration Charge.