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"Live More Purposefully By Making The World A Better Place To Live."

You wish someone would do something about the problems you see.


You feel a calling to make a BIG IMPACT in the world.

We can show you how to get started establishing yourself as a leader for your cause and attract a following of like-minded people that you can inspire and empower to help you on your mission. 

Hi, my name is Adam Greenberg, co-founder of leaders2inspire. I'm pictured here with Deb Lawson, our Chief Experience Officer and Jocelyn, one of the kids at the orphanage we support in Mexico.



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This video was created only for the retreat attendees of leaders2inspire’s week long Humanitarian Leadership 4 Big Impact Retreat which took place in March/April 2019. We’ve decided to share it with you because we want to help you answer that calling within to step-up and step-out in a bigger way.

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